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Most pet owners know that it can be difficult to get pets to take oral medications. Our compounding pharmacists can offer patient-specific dosages in strength and formula. Whether it's flavored medication, a combination of several prescriptions, or medicine tailored for size and strength, our compounding pharmacists can solve your pet's medication problems. We offer various forms of our compounded medications in order to fit each patient’s treatment needs.

Veterinary CARE
  • At Realo Drugs, our motto is “let our family take care of your family.” Our philosophy has carried us through three decades of serving our patients.


    This year, we are expanding the family we serve to include your beloved pets and animals. We would like to formally introduce you to the newest member of our team, Dr.Natalie Young. Natalie comes to us having just completed the inaugural Clinical Veterinary Pharmacy Fellowship at NCSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Through her fellowship, Natalie became the first veterinary pharmacist uniquely credentialed to practice in the community pharmacy setting.


    Several state veterinary associations have reported on the growing number of dispensing errors occurring in community pharmacies. Our new program aims to serve as the example nationally for the mutually beneficial relationship between community pharmacists and veterinarians and elevated care for our animal patients.

Director of veterinary pharmacy

Natalie Young